Shipping policies


The moment we send your order confirmation email, we’ll process the order within seven business days (excluding holidays and weekends).You’ll receive a second email notification as soon as your order has shipped.


If your delivery has not arrived within seven days of receiving your order confirmation, please reach out to with your name and order number and we’ll take care of the rest.


Delivery up to 700$, shipping costs 30$ up to 5 business days.
Delivery over 700$ – free shipping, up to 5 business days.


If you don’t love your new clothes, you can return or exchange unworn merchandise within 14 days of delivery.

The item must be returned while the label is still attached to the item, and has not been used or damaged.
The return can be made by contacting our customer service by email –
Please note that when using our courier to return an item, the shipping amount will be deducted from the total of 30$.
In case of refund, please contact our customer service within 48 hours of receiving the package.


Returns can be made within 7 business days of receipt, in their original packaging less shipping fees. When using our courier to return an item, the shipping amount will be deducted from the total of 30$.


Please don’t hesitate to connect with us. Just send an email to: and we will get back to you ASAP!


The buyer should be 16 years old and up


The images displayed on the website are for illustration only and there may be differences between the appearance and specifications of the products as seen in the image and the actual products. To the extent that any error has occurred such as in the description of the item or its price, this will not obligate the company, and in any case the company will not bear any responsibility that exceeds the value of the purchased item as well as any indirect and / or consequential damage. Without derogating from the above, it is agreed and clarified that the Company will endeavor to do its best in order to present as accurate images and information as possible.

The sale through the site is subject to the existing stock in the site’s warehouses. The company does not undertake to keep stock of all the models and / or clothes whose photos appear on the website at all times.

Launch items – limited to one item per customer.

The company strives to be careful and update the prices of products and shipping fees on the site in real time (hereinafter: “the prices”). However, prices are updated from time to time and therefore there may be discrepancies between the price when picking up the product for the shopping cart and when completing an ordering process. If prices are updated before the ordering process is completed, the customer will be charged according to the updated prices. For the avoidance of doubt, the company will not bear any responsibility arising from and / or related to such price differences.

The Company may update and change the prices without the need for prior notice and at its sole discretion. The binding price is the price delivered to the customer when completing an ordering procedure.

The company may publish and / or offer the users of the site promotions and / or discounts and any other benefit under the conditions set by it and at its sole discretion. The company will be entitled to terminate any such benefit immediately and without prior notice.

As a general rule, no double discounts / benefits will be given on items sold on the site (unless otherwise stated). Including this, it will not be possible to redeem coupons that provide a discount and / or any benefit in respect of items on sale. The terms of realisation of coupons and / or promotions change as detailed with the publication of the coupon and / or promotion. Please note that coupons can only be redeemed by purchasing on the site.

It is clarified that in the case of returning an item purchased at a discount / benefit or using a coupon, the amount returned to the customer will be the amount actually paid after the discount / benefit, no refund will be given for coupons.


Only the ordering customer (even if he repairs the shipment after) may cancel a transaction in writing subject to and in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law 5741-1981, including regulations under it (hereinafter “the Law”) and as stated above and below.

A refund will be given in accordance with the provisions of the law, and depending on the means of payment in which the transaction was made, a refund to the credit card will be refunded only to the credit card through which the purchase was made.

Cancellation of the order before sending the product or products to the customer (before leaving the site’s warehouses) will not result in an additional charge, and the site will refund the customer the amounts it paid for the transaction. A refund will be given in accordance with the provisions of the law.

By law, the customer may cancel a transaction in one of the following ways: by phone, Via chat to the company representative, by e-mail by giving written notice of the cancellation of the order in any of the means of communication indicated above and detailed in these Terms and Conditions. In the cancellation notice, the customer must specify his name and ID number, and if the cancellation notice was delivered by phone – order number

A customer may cancel the transaction and receive a refund from the date of the transaction until 7 days from the date of receipt of the order, or from the date of receipt of the transaction details document as required by law, whichever is later. The customer will be entitled to choose to return the products in one of the following ways: (1) postage; (2) return to the company’s warehouses in Tel Aviv. 

In case of cancellation not due to non-compliance as defined below, the company will refund within 14 days of receiving the notice of cancellation, the same portion of the transaction price paid by the consumer, cancel the charge for the transaction, provide a copy of the cancellation notice and charge cancellation fee not exceeding 5 % Of the price of the property subject to the contract or transaction, or NIS 100, whichever is lower. If the customer chooses to receive credit for the customer’s account on the site, the value of the credit will be equal to the original amount paid without deduction.

A consumer’s right to cancel a transaction does not detract from the company’s right to claim damages in the event of the return of products whose value has decreased as a result of a significant deterioration in their condition while in the consumer’s possession, including in the case of return of a used or damaged product. Or suffered some injury. Therefore, customers wishing to cancel a transaction are asked to return a product with the label and in its original packaging as far as possible. Customers are also asked, in order to avoid causing damage to the product, to refrain from using the product and return it without any defect and / or spoilage of any kind and type.

The right to cancel the transaction will not apply to products specified in the law and, inter alia, in the following cases: a. Products ordered and assembled specifically for the consumer due to the order; B. Products that can be recorded, copied or duplicated, whose original packaging has been opened by the consumer.

Lossy products (short shelf life). No refund will be given for items for which no monetary consideration has been paid, such as gifts.

In any case, the company will not bear any responsibility for the cost of which exceeds the value of the product purchased, as well as for any indirect damage and / or consequential damage.

The company is not responsible for the use made by the customer and / or the orderer not in accordance with the manufacturer’s and / or the company’s instructions, including the washing instructions and / or any other instructions regarding the use of the products.

The user will check the product immediately upon receipt and inform the company if the product received is defective or materially different from what appears on the website.

In the event of cancellation due to a defect in the product or non-conformity between the product and the details provided to the consumer regarding the product or due to non-delivery of the property or service on the date specified or other breach of contract (“non-conformity”) the company will return, within 14 days. Upon cancellation, the same portion of the transaction price paid by the consumer for the defective product will cancel the charge due to the transaction, provide a copy of the cancellation notice and will not charge any cancellation fee from the consumer. The customer will notify the company in writing, an inspection will be performed with the customer and, if necessary, the date for collecting the product will be coordinated.


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