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Kedem Sasson:

Kedem Sasson is a designer who was born in Israel in 1964. 

After his military service, at the age of 26 he shifted to the fashion industry. 

Kedem Studio represents a laboratory for shapes. The study of form brings about a change in proportion in the structure of the human body: the volume of lines and shadows start from an abstract that brings a new human body.

The eye claim does not satisfy Kedem, the proportions we are used to, thats where it starts the change. The need for change comes from a natural place, to produce excitement and to love a fabric, garment, a human.


Following the inception of the brand, Kedem began designing for theater, dance ensembles, musicians, cinema, and TV shows.

Kedem Sasson is known as an architect of clothing because of its sculptural cuts “for me the fabric is like a canvas to paint on or any other material that I can sculpt”.

״Even though I design in black and gray, each client has her own color that bursts out.

When I give a garment to a woman, even though it is black, the movement brings out the color.

My patterns are colourful, my proportions are color and the whole composition of the garment on the body is one big color.

When a customer enters my place, she begins the journey. “



Kedem Sasson

“The uncompromising desire to create a language that renews from season to season, brought about in a multicultural way that develops a personal and intimate dialogue between design and body.

As a designer I do not flatter the body but add a personal spice to it. I concoct clothes that give an overall sense of being to my client.

In a sense I’m like a child rolling dice, I end up creating a garment but actually I create a world.”


“The reduction between body and fabric is what led me to explore the three-dimensional shape in reducing size. 

Someone once told me that the development of life is the possibility of shouting at the same volume without opening your mouth as wide. 

This is what I’m trying to design at AMMA, Small yet big. “


When design meets absolute freedom.

Kedem Sasson Men

The new men’s collection by Kedem Sasson who found inspiration in freedom of movement and freedom of expression.

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